2015 – The Return of Questicle


Holy crap, has it been awhile since I’ve posted on here. How are all of you out there in 8-bit land?

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I completed this crazy quest. I thought I’d be a lot further along on different aspects regarding the site – new look, new features, etc. I made a lot of promises in the comments that I have yet to keep, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about them. Only that, time is limited, and I’ve been using most of the time I have in the real world or on my new-ish Sega blog, SegaDoes.

Starting early 2015 (I’d rather not pigeonhole myself into a month), though, Questicle is going to get a face lift. Not the distorting Joan Rivers kind, may she rest in peace. The good kind that enhances the beauty that’s already there and masks the blemishes that seem all too apparent. What will change, you ask? Well, Lord willing, easier navigation and a cleaner look, first and foremost. I don’t want this to be one of those site overhauls that actually makes the site more complicated to sift through. Questicle will look fabulous, or it will stay the way it is now.

In addition to more guest reviews, I will also be posting my own content. Perhaps with some of the review requests I received prior to starting SegaDoes, perhaps with other obscure Famicom entries. The future is shrouded in mystery, don’tcha know.

One’s thing for sure, though, the book – the all-encompassing ultra mega NES encyclopedia based on my reviews, but updated with lots of cool new write-ups and prettier pictures and glossy paper and collector’s editions and so forth – is still coming. I’d like to throw out dates, but I can’t yet. That being said, any forthcoming information on the book will be found right here, on the blog.

Thanks for your continued interest in the site. Here’s to a funky fresh New Year.




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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to any new content you will post in here. It would be really neat to see new reviews here.

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  • B++

    I would LOVE to buy a questicle book. Hell, probably any book you write for that matter. Keep up the great work!

  • garrettcrw

    Tapping into foreign/homebrew NES games is such a rich vein, since there was some seriously cracked stuff (as well as some outright classics) that have emerged to our attention thanks to the internet.

  • DylanCornelius

    Thanks y'all!

  • The_Annonymus_Guy

    You know what I would love? If you had a index that sorts the games by rating.

    I hope what I'm saying is not too confusing. Thanks!

    • DylanCornelius

      I've had a lot of folks asking for this, so it's definitely going to be a priority. Questicle 2.0 will definitely feature this in some way.

  • trajano

    If you use kick ass i buy your book from the project for sure!!

    • DylanCornelius

      Use kick ass? I'm not sure what you mean…

  • Tony Wilkins

    I may have to start going through this site in between waiting for posts on SegaDoes

    • DylanCornelius

      Yeah, sorry about the lack of posts. They'll pick up here in a couple days. New podcast too! It'll be the flood after a long drought.

      • Tony Wilkins

        I hope you don't think that was a criticism mate. I was just saying that I am giving this a look-see.

        • DylanCornelius

          No offense taken. Glad you are enjoying the NES reviews!