The NES Book is Coming and I Need Your Help


Yes, the post title is accurate: a book based on is in pre-production, tentatively titled “The NES Compendium.”


The book will focus on revised reviews (all 754 of them), more screenshots, yearly overviews of the NES from 1985-1994, and…?


If you were to purchase a book that chronicled the NES in its entirety, what would you want to see? Coverage of Nintendo Power? Coverage of old Nintendo merchandise? Interviews with key players? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I can’t promise I’ll include all of the suggestions I get, but I will take them into account as I start to assemble the book.


Thanks in advance for the comments. Keep an eye out on for more information in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, check out ’cause that’s what I do now.





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  • Interviews would be great, thanks. =)

  • Matthew Conway

    Hrm… well, 754 reviews is a fair bit of content as is. Though I suppose touching upon some of the major cornerstones of the late 80's/early 90's Nintendo experience in short articles might be a good way of changing up the flow. Besides Nintendo Power, you have the Nintendo World Championship, the various cartoon series and comic books, the official Nintendo cereal… there's a lot of useless merch that could be talked about. Maybe you can review and grade The Wizard?

    I think it might be worth at least briefly touching upon some of the more unsavory aspects of Nintendo's practices in that era – rivalry with Sega, the monopoly on third-party developers, censorship, etc. It might also be interesting to take a handful of random games and do a compare/contrast on the North American vs. Japanese versions of the game.

    Seconded on interviews if you can land any.

  • Man – all of those ideas seem pretty solid to me, but seeing as I grew up with these games, having played and beating so many of them, I am heavily invested in all of those topics. Then again, the primary reviews are almost meat enough, like Matthew is saying. First off though, congrats on getting this around – this will be pretty impressive to pull off (but no doubt ridiculously time-consuming as well).

    I know you have a site talking about Sega, and I again find myself agreeing with Matthew about though – talking about some of the rivalry – and some of the titles that made it to both platforms but turned out differently (like Double Dragon) could prove interesting as well.

  • Derek F.

    Personally I would love to see it broken up into all the areas mentioned above. Like start with a chronological layout of the inception of the NES, then go into the hardware, then game reviews with screenshots, and finally a section explaining the NES's place in pop culture (magazines, TV shows, movies, interviews, toys, etc.). You could also finish with the NES's place in gaming history both during its run compared to other home game systems, and how it's held up over time. In my mind it would almost be like a NES encyclopedia. Very exciting (and extremely daunting) idea and vision! I would expect nothing less from a man who dreams to cover the entire SEGA library. 🙂 Keep up the great work, and excited to see the completion of this project.

  • DylanCornelius

    Thanks gents, this is good stuff. I will take it all into account.

  • Mateo

    If you're going to make 'year in review' pages, a little blurb of your top picks for that year would be cool.

    Also, a couple pages near the end dedicated to japanese or homebrew games might be cool too. Can't wait for the book.

  • Dead or Alive Fan

    Wont gonna ask for the price but i will ask for the release date this book definetely has to be at my collection but not only for me in case you are wondering it will be an awesome book that i can read with my kids at those times that we speend playing in our old tv. Dude cant waitfor it.

  • mike chi

    sounds great man! the only thing i would change is your ratting system. a letter grade is good (haha K for koei) but a more in depth ratting system would be better. even if you stuck to letter grades but rated different categories such as, graphics, controls, theme, replay value ect.

    keep up the good work!

  • Sai

    Just want to register my enthusiasm for this project 🙂 It would be awesome to have a genre look up table, that lists every game by genre with its corresponding page number, kind of like an index. I would find it a great way to choose new games to track down when in the mood for a certain type of gameplay, without having to look through all 754 reviews chronologically. Also interviews and multi-format comparisons sound brilliant

  • DylanCornelius

    Thanks for the continued feedback everyone. I'll be posting on Questicle as the project develops.

  • Trevor

    This is a fantastic project. Though I can't speak for everyone, I think what most audiences will want to see are plenty of screenshots, along with your reviews/insights for every game. Since you plan to focus on that already it seems, perhaps having a “rarity rating” could be cool. ($=5-10 dollars…$$=15-30 dollars…$$$$=OMG expensive, etc…)

    Trevor F.

  • Lurkish Moarison

    Get a writer/gamer friend to write second opinions on reviews, perhaps. Or maybe just yours and his/hers commentaries after the review.

    Also : If any, some of your favorite comments from the blog could be sprinkled here and there.

  • thenomadsoul1973

    Coverage of the World of Nintendo stores would be nice. A detailed look at the systems twilight years, I feel that the NES pediod from 1992 to 1994 isn't given much attention and yet some great titles came out during that era (Nightshade, Megaman 6, Mighty Final Fight, Die Hard even Empire Strikes Back was kind of interesting at the very least, King's Quesf 5, Star Tropics 2).

  • JDT

    Hey, how about indexes with genre of nes games. So if I wanted to buy a new platform or RPG I could just go to the index look at all the games in that genre and then flip to each review until I find one I like

  • Bardoly

    I like the above idea of genre indexes, although, I'm sure that many NES games are somewhat genre-defying. I would also like to see a very clear ratings system in the book as well.

  • DylanCornelius

    Shew! You guys have given me a lot to work with. Once again, I can't promise I'll put all of this into the book, but I promise to do my darndest to find a clear way of organizing all the games.

  • Harrison Lemke

    pretty late at this point, but I would LOVE to see some Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree interviews

  • Rom Woodhouse

    I’m coming even later to the party than the last commenter (so maybe the book’s already finished!), but I’d really like to see you keep your existing Questicle rating system. More granular ratings (sound, graphics, controls etc) just annoy me.

    The genre index is a great idea, as are cross-platform comparisons and plenty of screen shots. Recommendations for best games by year would be nice. A physical copy would be pretty much essential too.

    Good luck – I’m excited to see the finished product!