Two Weeks Off

Last month, I completed my quest to review every NES game.

I’ve been holding up the site since then with random European/Japanese game reviews and my Best/Worst Games Lists, but I’ll be honest: I was burnt out a month ago. Today, April 7th, I am crispy-fried and not to perfection.

It’s not just the site. The busyness of my non-Internet life seemed to increase right around the time the quest finished. Combine personal stuff with wanting to keep the NES blog maintained, while creating a site for the upcoming, much larger blog and… yeah. I’m drained.

I’ll be taking a two-week vacation from both the blogs and life starting today. When I get back, I’ll be starting up exclusively on the new blog, which I will announce on on April 21st.

But what about all the review requests I received? Well, frankly, it doesn’t seem like anybody reads or cares about those so I’m tempted to leave them behind altogether. That being said, I do have an idea to play and review the remaining requests in one enormous, all-consuming post. I might craft such a piece, I might not. If I do, the post will emerge during my vacation. Otherwise there will be no new material while I’m gone.

Thanks again for continuing to read/critique/champion the blog. Y’all the best.


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  • Brad

    Feel better dude! You are the best!

  • Sleepyweasel

    I read everything you post man. Enjoy your break and look forward to your triumphant return.

  • Silius

    Well,I also read all your posts! Checking back daily for updates – so it's not nobody at least…. Get well and relax a bit.

  • Some anonymous guy

    I've been reading the stuff you have posted lately, and I'm also reading through all the other reviews. I'm somewhere around B- right now, so I have a lot of material to check out while you're gone.

    Good luck!

  • CRaig

    Dylan, keep up the great work, I have read through all the reviews and have enjoyed watching the site grow. Your site is one of a handful I check each day just to see what's new. It's been fun to read your reviews of games I played as a kid as well those I wanted to play or in a lot of cases have never heard of! Thanks for persevering, truly a quest!


    PS..I had fond memories of Deadly Towers but I didn't know any better at the time. When you have one or two new games a year, you play what you have, awful or not!

  • GlavierX

    Hey man, have a good rest, you deserve it for entertaining us unwashed masses with all you reviews. I do hope to see more nes reviews in the future, but it would also be just as cool if you went out with a bang with one big review covering all the odds and ends at once. Its all good! Can't wait to see your new project. Keep gaming!

  • Matt Reynolds

    Enjoy some R&R…see ya in a fortnight!!!

  • I just recently stumbled upon this blog and I've been enjoying quite a bit of your material. Get some rest and relaxation. Enjoy the two weeks.

  • Sentri the Seeker

    Yeah, you deserve a break. I know the feeling having completed some long projects myself.

    Even though you say few people actually read or care about your reviews, you do have loyal followers. I honestly can't say I'm one of them, but I do like your blog because it is the most complete repository of information about NES games I could find. I thought IGN was supposed to be “THE” site, but it's really lame. Even though you (probably) won't do more with this blog, making it available to others in perpetuity will be a long lasting contribution to the retro gamer world.

    • Agreed, IGN was sort of a poor man's version that I used to have bookmarked until I found this site.

  • smelly finger

    Yes, you is awesomeNESser person live on a planet. Take break. Why not? Come back with vengeful vengeance. Destroy other review producers with wench. Two weeks! Signal out.

  • With all the respect you deserve sir let me said What The Fuck, I do read all your posts and can assure that am not the only one, a lot of my last purchases are based on your opinions but I do respect your opinion so enjoy your vacations and please let us know about your new project when you are ready, greetings from Mexico

  • Brad

    I read everything as well. In fact I binge read reviews for like 6+ hours per day. My girlfriend was so happy when I finished all of the reviews after 2-3 days… She was like “Yay!!!! I get you back from the internet now!!”

    I also check in every day to re-read sections or check out the other posts.

    And Dylan, if you read this… The first game I added to my collection as a result of your blog is none other than one of my new favs…. Rolling Thunder!

  • Enjoy your time Dylan, I read everything, but don't always comment. I don't know if it's just my browser, but every article I see you do, it ALWAYS says no comments. It doesn't drop down like it does on news sites where the comments are easily visible (on the page) … so I have to click to redirect to a same page with comments (first world problems)

    Oh, and I just finished Twin Peaks on Netflix.

  • Mr.X

    i have 3 more requests, space harrier, a week of garfield and sky destroyer!!
    have fun on your vacation!

  • SamSizzle

    Bro, you got me through a tough time with these reviews. There is no possible way I can repay you. Rest up

  • Enjoy the deserved R&R and I'll be curious to see what you have cooking up next.

  • ben m

    Hopfully your vacation involves a tropical island with some corona's because you deserve it!! Thanks for all the great reading material, i have enjoyed every post..

  • Robb K

    Rest well, good sir, for thou hast earned it.

  • FieryReign

    Just wait, your name will be legendary in game reviewing( it already is in my book). You've accomplished some crazy shit, and can brag about it forever…

    Enjoy yourself, have fun, get away, get drunk, get high, do whatever you do. Celebrate and I hope your not worn out from it. Can't wait to see what you have in store.

    Would love to get some advice and pick your brain a bit on starting a blog of this magnitude…

  • God

    Today is the day. You're back in action! You're getting a mansion when you come upstairs to my domain, but for now keep up the good work! And hey, don't thank me, you accomplished all this Han style. Solo.