What’s Next


As many of you now know, the Quest to Review Every NES Game is complete. 754 games. 3 ½years. Thousands of man-hours. Indescribable life changes. I am (almost) bereft of words.


Yes, there is another quest looming on the horizon. I’ve received several guesses: SNES, Game Boy, the Famicom, even the PS2. Close, but you’re waayyy off. I’ll be making an announcement within the next month or so. Please look forward to it.


In the meantime, I will still be updating the site. I’ve received a few review requests for games like Gimmick!, Sweet Home, International Cricket, etc. so I will be tackling those. I don’t want to linger in the Famicom/European NES libraries for too long, though, nor do I want to review any hacked games. If you have a request at this point, I will consider it, but I doubt I’ll take any more after the Second Quest has been announced.


I will also be making Top/Bottom Lists for the entire NES library. Lists are arbitrary and they produce needless arguments, but that’s part of their everlasting charm. I haven’t decided on the numbering yet. Top 75? Bottom 200? I dunno. These lists will involve quite a bit of replaying, so the numbering will depend on my strength.


Will there be a book? Yes! At this point, though, I’m not sure what form it will take. I’ve heard lots of cries from the sidelines to self-publish. I might have to end up doing that, but call me crazy, I would love to get this thing published through a publishing house; whether through a larger house or an independent one, it matters not. I see a real market for video game books that has yet to be tapped. Smaller publishing houses like Pix’n Love and Boss Fight Books are springing up here and there, but outside of Hyrule Historia (published by Dark Horse, compiled/written by Nintendo), no game book that I’m aware of has made a huge splash on the book sales charts. But anywho. When I come to a decision, you’ll all be the first to know.


Lastly, while you were all feverishly biting your nails in anticipation for the next review, I went back and re-wrote some. Namely, the Power Pad and R.O.B. Titles. They are linked below for your (re-)reading pleasure.










Thanks again for the support. A winner is all of you.



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  • copernicusnerdicus

    Great work buddy. I'm glad I stumbled upon this a few months ago and you've been a huge inspiration. Can't wait to finish all 754 of these bad boys

  • Matt Reynolds

    Can't wait! I'm confident (just like its predecessor) that it will be of epic proportions! You say we are way off on our guesses, so I guess I'll be on the edge of my seat until then. (Cough, Atari 2600, cough)

  • ben m

    Awsome!! I'm ready for another quest..

  • glitchedgamer

    I've been following since January 2012 and I'm glad I got to stick around until the end.


    From a fellow retro gaming enthusiast, thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. I discovered a lot of hidden NES gems through this site, so my collection thanks you as well.

  • Gino

    I've loved every review! I've been with you since the beginning and it is humbling and awe inducing to see such a monumental task finally finished! Bravo, good sir! I'm looking forward to the next step!

  • Amazing work Dylan, I've followed you for the better part of a year and a half… been great, thanks. Just wondering when you say a book… any legal issues with that? I'm guessing 3rd party, no problem… but the official licensed NES games?

  • DylanCornelius

    Thanks everyone!

    @Mike: I think it should be fine. The only ones I might have a problem with are Nintendo's. We shall see.

  • matthewconway83

    Okay… I've got a handful of requests for foreign games or unreleased games you may or may not want to check out.

    California Raisins
    Drac's Night Out
    Bio Force Ape
    Star Trek V

    • DylanCornelius

      I've only heard of Bio Force Ape, Star Trek V, and California Raisins.

      Drac's Night Out sounds…. curious.

  • Guest

    Sega Master System or Sega Genesis next?

    • DylanCornelius

      I have a feeling Sega will make an appearance, though I can't say in what capacity.

  • Mateo

    Some of my recommendations-

    Recca (best NES shmup hands down)
    Joy Mech Fight (megaman-esque tournament fighter)
    Earthbound Zero
    Final Fantasy 2 & 3
    Sweet Home
    Star Wars (Namco)
    Samurai Pizza Cats (good cartoony platformer)
    DPad Hero 1 & 2 (fun, but really hard)
    Battle Kid 1 & 2 (ditto)

    There's others of course, but those would top my 'must haves'.

  • Mateo

    Ooooh, and you can't forget Hebereke/Ufouria. Not many great Metroidvanias on the NES, but that's one of them.

    • DylanCornelius

      You've given me a lot to go through. I will do my best!

  • Altamonty

    Wonderful job Dylan!! Hell of a thing you accomplished here. Thanks for sticking it through to the end. Every review was an enjoyable read.

    • DylanCornelius

      Thank you!

  • Sleepyweasel

    Good job man.

    I'd like to say I am a retro game enthusiast, but truth be told I just happen to live through the whole NES affair and simply never got out of vids. (They are still not retro to me yet :P)

    Your reviews brought me back to weekends without Internet or cell-phone. Brought me back to waiting outside my mom and pop video rental store for an hour before it opened with my $3.44 grubby little hands. Anxiously waiting to rent another wonderful NES game for the weekend. (Be it good or bad… I did rent Taboo once. Eesh)

    Anyway, thanks again and I hope your next Quest is just as much of a nostalgia trip for me.

    Hats off to you good Sir.

    • DylanCornelius

      Thanks for seeing this quest through to the bitter end, Sleepyweasel. Your memories are close to my own, though I'm happy to say I never rented Taboo.

  • FieryReign

    SEGA MEGA GENESIS baby…… I hope…

    Found this awesome blog a bit late, best believe I will be all over your next expedition from the get-go.

    Congrats on a feat that many have attempted, but no one else accomplished. EVERY fucking NES game reviewed with great writing and funny captions? You deserve a toast and this bud is for you. Just don't leave any great Famicom games behind, there are quite a few buried treasures that might miss out on your witty banter.

    Just discovered Moai Kun recently, don't miss out on some of these gems. To hell with hacks and unreleased protos, I'll give you a worthwhile list of Famicom games that need your touch…

    Adventure Island IV
    Fuzzical Fighter
    Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti
    Maoi Kun
    Gradius 2
    New Ghostbusters 2
    Sweet Home
    Bio Miracle Upa
    Cosmic Epsilon
    Crisis Force
    Holy Diver

    Sorry if you already looked at these. Good luck on your next quest, I have a feeling it will be a system for masters…

    • DylanCornelius

      You, Mateo, and Matthew have all given me quite a bit to chew on. Thanks for the list, and for the kind words!

  • BB Wolf

    Please do Holy Diver! With as many Dio references as possible

  • Esoteric

    Congrats on your momentous achievement!

  • Robb K

    Wonderful job. I tagged along around the final quarter of this journey, and was mighty entertained throughout reading these reviews. Looking forward to your next project, and I think publishing a book will be a great idea and a great success.

  • Wizdumb83

    If it's none of the systems you mentioned I would have to guess the sega genesis or the N64. Both would be great. w

  • Ben Renow-Clarke

    Hi Dylan – Congrats on getting through the list, it's been a great read and the end seemed to come around quicker than I thought (although it probably didn't seem that way to you!). I work in the publishing industry and I'd be happy to start a discussion about a book if you'd like. I wanted to raise one note, though – permissions. It's absolutely fine to write about all the games, but if we want to have screenshots then you'd need to get permission for every one, which can be very painful! Anyway, something to think about, and I'd love to discuss it further.

    • DylanCornelius

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for commenting, and I'd love to chat with you further as well. My e-mail is shub542@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Mr.X

    i have some famicom games id like you to reveiw
    crisis force
    a week of garfield
    transformers: convoy no nazo
    new ghostbusters 2( much better than the american ones)
    space invaders
    altered beast
    space harrier
    dough boy
    king kong 2
    the goonies
    gradius 2
    after burner 2
    fantasy zone 1 and 2

  • Outstanding job, Amigo. I've been following your quest for about a year and a half and I'm very impressed with how your reviews have grown! I'm looking forward to The Second Quest!

  • D. B.

    My favourite game developer is Sunsoft, I'd like to make a request for Mr. Gimmick (JP/EU) and Sunman (unreleased prototype), both games that never made it to the NES American library due to finincial problems

    • DylanCornelius

      Gimmick is coming up soon!

  • Brad

    I would love to see a list of best simultaneous co-op games or best multi-player games on the NES.

    Also, I'm indescribably sad that the next quest isn't the SNES, but I eagerly await the announcement.