#640 – Target: Renegade


                                                                                                      The bullet’s already in his fist.



                                                                         I don’t have any change, but I can spare ya a fist.




DEVELOPER: Software Creations

GENRE: Beat-em-up

RELEASE DATE: March 1990


Renegade was a by-the-numbers brawler that, nevertheless, gave the player a valuable message: don’t go into the subway after 2 am. Target: Renegade, the unofficial sequel to Renegade, takes away the original’s public service announcement, while retaining the mediocre throw-downs. The game is your standard walk a few feet, beat up a handful of thugs who all look the same, repeat until end boss. Punching, kicking, and jump-kicking are your three methods of street-cleaning. Punching and kicking connect well enough, but jump-kicking feels clunky and erratic; unfortunate, ’cause it’d be a great move to spam. Enemies come at you from both ends, and usually take more than a few hits. In Renegade, you could beat up foes on the left and the right (albeit haphazardly) at the same time, but here you’re not even given the option; don’t get trapped between two thugs, the end. You have an ample life bar, but only one life. A lone continue will pop up after completing certain stages, but it still behooves you not to get hurt (even though you will because the thug stereotypes are buttholes). Stages and character models are poorly designed, the control sticks occasionally (squatting to pick up hearts is the worst), and the music doesn’t provide necessary momentum. Target: Renegade is right on target – to suck. The burn ward will be open momentarily.




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  • ben m

    Not to mention when you do manage to pick up a heart finally, all you get is a tiny speck of life for your trouble. Which in turn makes them almost useless. So as you said better to never get hit good luck!!

  • Magmar, magmar.

  • yan

    I had this on Amstrad CPC, and it was much much better than Renegade!

    • DylanCornelius

      Never played the Amstrad CPC version, but I assure you, both games in the Renegade series for the NES are mediocre at best.

    • Dimitris

      I agree.
      On Amstrad CPC 'Target renegade' was very good: the controls were tight, the action non-stop, the music was fun, the weapons added variety to the fights and two players could play simultaneously. Smashing an opponent's face while he was lying on the floor or kicking him in the groin was priceless. The only thing missing was bosses (there was only a final boss) and an ending.
      'Renegade' was good too but the action was simpler (no weapons, fewer moves) and it was very short.
      'Rebegade 3' was horrible however.