#620 – Super Dodgeball





                                                                                                             That’s better.



                                                 Playing in Iceland, though it looks suspiciously like another planet.


PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous

PUBLISHER: Sony Imagesoft


GENRE: Sports



Is there anything Kunio-kun and his gang can’t do? River City Ransom added depth to the stale beat ’em up genre. Crash ‘N the Boys made button-mashing track-and-field type games enjoyable. Nintendo World Cup livened up soccer. Super Dodgeball might be the best dodgeball game of all time, and not just because it’s one of the few to ever be developed. The gameplay is aces, and most importantly, it warrants the use of the word “super” in the title (unlike, say, Super Cars).


Before public schools began to ban recess, horseplay, and fun, the game of dodgeball was enjoyed heartily by children of all ages. Why? Because it allows you to hit someone without getting in trouble! Super Dodgeball takes the time-honored game, turns it into a team sport, then throws in extra ridiculous elements, as per Kunio’s modus operandi. The 1P mode, World Cup, puts you in the role of Team USA. Each team has six players: three players in the inner court, three players in the outer court surrounding the opponent. The inner court players are your main offensive players. Learn their tricks well. While you can throw a ball at someone and knock off a few hit points, to really do some damage, you’ll need to learn half-court power shots, full-court super shots, and jump shots. The outer court players are back-up players. You can psych out the computer by passing the ball back and forth or hit them to knock off a couple points. If you’re good, you can bounce the ball off the opposing player back into your hands for some double/triple plays. In 2P Versus Play, you and a friend can choose from any of the World Cup teams, all of whom have their strengths and weaknesses (go USSR!). Finally, Bean Ball is a free-for-all dodgeball game, every man for himself, just like schools used to encourage. Super Dodgeball elicits complete joy every moment it’s being played. Well done, Kunio-kun. Well done.





                                                                Finally, our Russian overlords have been vanquished!


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  • Its not very clearly stated, which team do Ivan and Boris play for?

  • Loved the concept and gameplay, but too much flickering and RAM slowdown for me.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the flicker, a killer game.
    And dodgeball Kunio-style should be an Olympic sport.

  • The flickering was fun, but man… this was an absolute favorite of mine and even made my top 30 list of NES games a while back. This got a ton of mileage out of my friends and myself.

  • Ah the memories of Dodgeball tournament with siblings… I just love the VS music too.

  • I’m glad others love Super Dodgeball as much as I do!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty well the best NES game ever made. I could spend hours slamming my brothers face into mush. (Or vice versa…)While Crash and the gang had less slow down and flicker this game tops that one ten fold.
    I sound like a broken record, but they should remake this game with better graphics while keeping the gameplay the exact same!