I’m Still Here


Yup, I am.

My mom has been staying with my wife and I for the last week, so I haven’t had a chance to post much. I explained to both of them that watching me play games and write reviews is more fun than actually interacting with one another, but they didn’t buy that. Infrequent posts, it is!

I shall return Thursday, August 1st With a Vengeance! I shall Post Reviews or Die Tryin’! I shall Review Free or Die Hard! And so forth.


Until then,




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  • Anonymous

    Liar, you haven’t returned today, was expecting to see another of your reviews sir

  • Just posted Strider today, boyo.

  • Bold… posting as ‘Anonymous’ and acting like Dylan should post reviews to your satisfaction… are you paying him per review, or just enjoy acting unjustifiably entitled?