#593 – Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six


                                         Only Hobgoblin and possibly Mysterio look even the least bit threatening.



                                                                     Even the rats dive-bomb Spidey. He just can’t get a break.




DEVELOPER: Bits Studios

GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: October 1992


Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture, Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octopus have teamed up to stop Spiderman from… doing somersaults? Collecting web canisters? Punching miscellaneous thugs into random chunky bits? Return of the Sinister Six portrays Spiderman as a pathetic character, which makes one wonder why six super-villains needed to combine their powers to stop him. In the comic, Spiderman can shoot out as much silly string as he wants. He uses it to swing from buildings, tie up the riff-raff, and prevent Mary Jane from splatting on the sidewalk. In the game, he has to collect his web canisters, and they’re only for attacking. He gets ten shots of spray (white pixels) per canister before he’s resigned to fisticuffs. You don’t play a Spiderman game because you want to punch some thuglies, but you really have no choice. To add insult to injury, the hit detection is some of the worst on the NES. Spidey could be standing directly next to a gun-toting perp, but if you press ‘A’ too fast, he’ll fore-go a punch and do a jump kick away from said perp. Even if you only press ‘A’ once to punch the enemy, Spiderman won’t necessarily hit him. The proverbial pixels must be aligned in order to make the enemy go boom (every enemy explodes, even the bosses). Used Kleenex graphics, underwhelming music, and stilted controls round out this depress-a-thon. No amount of Tobey Maguire could make this right.




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  • Arindam

    I didn't dislike the game too much, but I am yet to complete it… Played it on my PC last night and reached till the night-vision goggles level. Some more tries should take me through Mysterio. The three music tracks (one for title, two for the game) were pretty cool though and were dark-themed but had a fast beat; wonder why you didn't like them..

  • Arindam

    Also, just for fun, if anyone is looking for a good Spider-Man game on the NES, its worth checking out a Ninja Gaiden hack which features Spider Man as the lead character. LOL, its really great compared to this one

    • DylanCornelius

      Hey Arindam, I have not forgotten International Cricket! I will review it after I'm finished with the main list.

      • Wow, thanks! I thought you had forgotten about it lol… And now that you've mentioned about it, I'm hoping, like a student after a bad paper, that the teacher doesn't give too low a grade 😀

        • DylanCornelius

          I will keep an open mind, but I should warn you that I have no idea what cricket is. I know it's a sport, but that's about it. Hopefully it will surprise me!