#482 – Platoon



                                                                                                                               Uh… really?




                                                             Maybe you should get going, game. You ever think of that?





GENRE: Action/adventure

RELEASE DATE: December 1988


What confused person green lit a licensed game based off of “Platoon”? Oliver Stone’s insane Vietnam epic might make for a good film, but anyone with a cursory understanding of “Platoon” would argue that there’s not much of a game within. And here we are! Ocean’s Platoon is a series of mazes in which one must escape, and while escaping, kill as many Vietcong as possible. Your character starts off where he should, in the depths of the Vietnam jungle, where any turn can lead to death. Vietcong come from everywhere to kill you: the trees, the ground, right in front of your face, anywhere you can imagine. You’re allowed four shots before you’re dead and four lives before it’s game over. After you escape from the jungle, you venture to the sewers for more confusion. Once you emerge from the sewers, it’s time to get lost in even more jungle, except this tour, there’s a time limit. With enough time, ample amounts of grit, and a couple scratch pieces of paper, you can deduce what paths to take to reach the end of each area. But there’s no incentive to do so. Navigating ridiculously plotted mazes isn’t enjoyable in the least, and that is ninety percent of Platoon. I also felt guilty knowing that I was virtually killing Vietcong; sounds silly unless you’re actually playing the game. Which, if this review hasn’t made it clear already, you really, really shouldn’t.




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  • Ocean must have had their game licences in a hat and picked one at random. At least we didn’t get Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie: The Game. *Shudder*

  • Had it, I remember it as difficult as hell..

    He looks rather like Jim Morrison rather than DaFoe..

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that everyone had a copy of this damned thing. I was too young to watch Platoon, so I didn’t even know it was supposed to be DaFoe.

    This game was way too hard for me to really enjoy when I played it. Plus was this movie really appropriate to market a game for kids towards? I’m going to say a big ol ‘NO’ to that one.


  • Wow, forgot all about this game until I saw this review – I actually had it. I could never get past the jungle…kept tripping on the damn trip wires!

  • Anonymous

    My buddy and I really got a sense of accomplishment out of finishing this difficult game. We mapped out the maze and got good at jumping sniper shots. This was back in the day before we had anyway (near us) to rent a game. If you bought it, you played it.