Revisiting Old Reviews and Making a Call


Over the last couple days, I’ve been slowly revising some old posts. These changes are primarily cosmetic – canceling out broken images, revising the layout – but I’ve also touched up the writing where it needs it.


#1- 10-Yard Fight

#2- 1942

#3- 1943

#4- 3-D WorldRunner

#5- 720 Degrees

#6- 8 Eyes

#7- Abadox

#8/9- Addams Family/Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt

#10- Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dragon Strike


I’d really like to make something special. Revising the reviews is only one part of the equation, though it is a large one. The next step is making this blog more user-friendly. As it stands, if someone wants to look for reviews of older games, they can’t simply click a page that lists them all alphabetically. They have to click on posts from previous months or last year. It’s not terrible, but it could be better. There’s some other issues I’ve seen too that I plan to fix in due time.


If anybody has any other suggestions on how the blog could look and navigate better, please drop me a comment or, better yet, an e-mail at Blogger isn’t the prettiest site, and if I can be real with everyone, I’d like to move this puppy over to Tumblr soon. I like the cleaner layouts Tumblr has, and I like that people can interact with your posts. Regardless of what blog site I’m hosted on, I want to continue to attract those who seek out retro reviews, but also people who might not normally visit a video game review blog. The written word may not pull people in like a podcast or a video on the Internet these days, but I still believe in its power.


Once again, if anybody has any other suggestions for the blog, please let me know in the comments or at my e-mail at







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  • Anonymous

    Please don’t switch to a podcast or video. Some of us like reading!

    • Agreed, but Videos and Podcasts are awesome too. I say, do all three! Maybe Lets Plays for some games you really want to focus on for Vids, regular posts for those games that everyone has played and make a podcast about NES gaming in general!

      2 cents delivered.

  • I don’t know how Blogger works but I agree a page that has an alphabetical list would be great. Right now I just type into the search engine if I want to look at an old review and I’m there in a snap. But if I just want to browse, searching by month doesn’t make any sense. I use WordPress, and I have a separate page for people to look at all my reviews, but I do it all by hand which takes some work, too.

    I prefer written blogs to videos. Most people have voices made for silent films and presentation skills made for middle-school plays.

    The big question is what you’re going to do when you’re done with this system 🙂

  • I use a standalone page to show a list of all the SNES games on my blog here:

    I built that page as a table and I generate the table with an Excel spreadsheet. When I create a post I just have to enter the URL into my spreadsheet once and then it will add the link the next time I update the page. I could sort the spreadsheet if I wanted to modify the order things are displayed, so it could easily be alphabetical or chronological or by rating.

    If you’re interested I could send you the spreadsheet with the formulas to build the table. It actually has all the NA released games for the NES and Gameboys along with the SNES tab I use.

  • I too would like to improve (cheap plug) over time. I own the url also, and I intend to hold onto it. I’m not the most html savvy person in the world (in fact far from it), so it’s not the easiest thing for me to do shit like that. But I’ll give it a try as a go. I honestly like the simple look and layout for my main site/blog so far, but one thing I would really like to figure out how to do (better and easier) is to provide some photo gallery pages, one for classic movie poster art, and one for classic game box art. Blogger’s set up to try and do something like that is………not good at all.

    If anyone has any suggestions as to where I could look to set up a nice thumbnail gallery (or two actually), for just that purpose, that would be great. I also have been tinkering with creating a forum to add to my site eventually. It already exists, and I’m going to build on it and mess with it for awhile, but I also figure there’s no point in taking it live on the site itself until I get a higher amount of traffic/followers. All in due time, right?

    I’m right here with ya, Dylan. And honestly, I’m still on board if we can figure out a way to get a bunch of us hooked up on some sort of “retro” network site or something. It doesn’t even have to be limited to retro gaming, as obviously my own blog isn’t just about that. But it would be cool to do, and anyway, anything each of us can do to help elevate and support each other’s work is absolutely what we need to be doing. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the replies, all! I really appreciate them.

    @Anonymous: Don’t worry, I’m definitely more proficient in writing than any any A/V work (though I have dabbled in a podcast or two). Podcasts are fun, but video stuff is all over the place. Unless I knew someone that was really good at making them, I won’t even bother.

    @Nick Page: I would definitely love to see that spreadsheet. Blogger has a separate page option, which I intended to use, but if I could just copy and paste that bad boy, that would be great. Thanks in advance, and I’ll e-mail you about that.

    @Jesse: Yeah, Blogger has a lot of limitations, I’ve found out. I’m not sure how to set up a thumbnail gallery, but such a tool should exist in theory… right? Blogger’s pretty behind, though, so I’m not sure (I don’t want to rag on Blogger too much. I’m grateful that they’re hosting me. I just want more.)

    Yeah, I’m on board to join a retro network site, as long as I’m merely hosted and not expected to do anything else except give a shout-out now and then. Call me selfish, but I’m dedicated to this blog only. Life’s too busy to devote time to someone else’s gig, no offense (unless they’re paying me, then that time is accounted for).