November Has Come


November 1st is certainly the first day of November and the beginning of a new month entirely (arguments? I think not). It is also, for me, a time of reflection.


As of this writing, I’m on review #420 (insert obligatory stoner chuckle here). If NintendoAge and Wikipedia are to be believed, I have approximately 345 to 346 reviews left to go. If I were to write one review a day, I would be “done” by the end of 2013, insomuch that I would have reviewed every single U.S. made Nintendo game, both licensed and unlicensed, so help me God.


Reviewing every game is what I set out to do and, despite a few life setbacks impeding the way, I’m thrilled with how the blog has progressed. I have a great fan base, a solid amount of page views, and all with hardly any advertising (I do always appreciate the shout outs from friends, like NESquester – Mike is the man!).


But Questicle can be better and I’d like to do all I can to improve it, beginning now.


I’d love to go through and do some revising, particularly on some of my earlier work, where my goal was to make each review about four paragraphs long. I’d love to add more information about each game, like date of release, publisher, developer, etc. and better, crisper screenshots that won’t mysteriously blank out for no reason.


What I won’t be changing is my format. The one-to-two paragraph style fits my needs, both logistically and stylistically. However, as always, if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to read them, so comment why don’cha?


So that’s that. I’d like to start off the month right, with a banger of a review. Look for that on the morrow (I am aware that I have yet to review Metroid or Action 52).







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  • Robb K

    Very entertaining. You've gotten me through many a work days. Keep up the good work you've made it all the way to the T's. -Robb K

    • DylanCornelius

      Glad to hear it Robb! That's what these reviews are here for.