#177 – Die Hard



                                         “Die Hard or Die Tryin'” is actually the title of 50 Cent’s latest masterwork.




Thanks be to Vizzed.com for this screenshot. It’s not their fault the game resembles blue raspberry poo.



PUBLISHER: Activision

DEVELOPER: Pack-In Video

GENRE: Action

RELEASE DATE: January 1992


I’ve never seen the actual movie “Die Hard,” so I had little to no information going into this game. Something about bombs and buildings and terrorists, right? Sounds legit. You play as John McClane and your goal (I think) is to save a building from being destroyed because you’re played by Bruce Willis and you’re awesome and you think the building is pretty awesome too, which is why you want to save it. All 35 levels of the building are at your disposal to explore and get shot at by random polo shirt wearing douchebags. Many of said douchebags (“Bro, this is vintage Fitch, don’t get your blood on me!”) have keys that allow you access to places where you need to go, but in order to get the keys, you have to kill them. While the bros go down in one hit, they will spew out bullets like the remnants of last night’s kegger and you only have one life, so beware. Honestly, there didn’t seem to be much to the game. Collect a key here, get shot at there, get annoyed when bullets hit you because your stuff flies everywhere on the screen. Die Hard also sports some of the worst graphics I’ve seen in a while. Is John McClane supposed to look like a crippled Lego character? A lot of GameFAQS reviewers like this one because they probably grew up with both the game and the movie. I grew up with neither, but I’m sure the movie’s at least mildly entertaining.




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  • Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie (seriously, the plot revolves around a phone call to his wife about Christmas arrangements — which become derailed by the whole gotta-be-a-hero thing before reuniting in the Christmastime snow at the end), but the game does suck. Which is unfortunate, because the NES had grand potential for awesome non-Ikari overhead third-person shooters.

  • StinkFinger

    You’ve never seen Die Hard? Go sit in the truck.

  • I’ve actually seen Die Hard since I posted this review. One of the best action movies ever.

  • Anonymous

    This is 1 of those games that is a must own for a collector bc the movie is such a classic. No movie n the game would be a bigger flop than et for Atari.

  • Anonymous

    It is hardly a classic but IMHO it is not as bad as you think. It looks like Contra but it plays more like a strategy game and it follows the movie quite accurately. If you ever want to give the game another try check this video first, it gives great tips :