#147 – Conflict



                                                                         That’s quite the big milkshake you got there.




                                                                                        “Supply dammit, supply!”


PLAYERS: 1-2 simultaneous



GENRE: Turn-based strategy

RELEASE DATE: March 1990


War: thanks to Edwin Starr, we all know it’s good for nothing. But Conflict, a generous turn-based strategy title, takes the bloody battles of war, removes the blood, and amplifies the fun! Sure, your troops may get wounded or die, but you – as the puppet master – will feel alive with power! Choose from one of fifteen different war scenarios, each with their own subtleties, quirks, and generic names like “Screaming Eagles,” or “The Link of Destruction.” Each scenario starts you with a combination of development factories, ground units, supply trucks, tanks, and air squadrons, like helicopters or fighter jets. The goal is to capture cities and airstrips around the map to gain Fame Points, while simultaneously destroying the enemy troops (the latter depletes their Fame Points, which always start off higher than yours). With Fame Points, you can produce more units in your factories. The less Fame Points you have, the less damage you’ll be able to dole out. Battling occurs when one unit sidles up next to the other. Look at the screen to note which direction your unit is facing againt the enemy’s unit. Sometimes you’ll have to turn to face them to be able to attack. If you defend yourself and run away – which, frankly, you’ll need to do sometimes – be aware that this will deplete your Fame Points. And, for obvious reasons, don’t let your weaker units come into contact with the enemy’s stronger ones i.e. infantry against tanks, supply units against fighter planes, etc. Not every scenario is strategic gold, but Conflict has more than enough depth and replay value to satisfy most blood-thirsty war-mongers.




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  • [ Pssst — not sure how much it would really help in this case, but NintendoAge.com tends to have good instruction manual scans for NES games. If you, uh, didn’t already know that. ]

  • Anonymous

    I was searching for one of my favorite games ever for the NES and came by your review. I do remember this game not being very user friendly, and you really had to be a hardcore strategy type to really enjoy it. That being said, as far as I can remember this game really raised the bar as far as depth was concerned, and I enjoyed many many hours playing it.

  • Thank you for your kind comment, Anonymous. As I reread this review, I’m pretty disgusted by it. I’ll definitely have to put more time and effort into it. Take care!

  • Anonymous

    Again, I played this game with my brother when we were growing up. We both really liked it though. I guess it plays better with two players though. I can’t vouch for the single player campaign mind you.
    I am not sure I agree with you on everything here though. I never thought my brother and I were very hardcore players. We may have been 10 and 7, give or take, but we got the hang of the game. (light infantry is killed by commandos, tanks kill commandos and Anti air,tanks are killed by bombers and fighters kill bombers.)
    I am loving yoru reviews by the way. Just a lovely jaunt down memory lane for me.


  • I’m gonna have to re-write this review. I would never print something like this today. I’m glad I saw it here.

    Thanks for the kind words, Sleepyweasel!

  • I will have to check this out. It seems the really big strategy game console was the Sega Genesis. Who knew?