Once Upon a Time in Awesomeland – the Origin and Future of the Quest

Back in the summer of ’10, I wasn’t writing as much as I wanted to be. The writing projects I was working on weren’t headed in the direction I wanted them to. Basically, I felt stuck.

To give a kick start to my writing, I decided to play and review one NES game per day. It would be something small, but at least I would be writing a little every day, and I would be enjoying myself. I started in late June and continued until early August, but stopped for spiritual reasons. In the end, it was for the best. I was giving too much attention to this worthwhile, but ultimately unimportant, blog and I wasn’t writing anything else. The sole purpose of it originally was to kick start my writing, and it had done that, but making the blog my main focus wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to January 2011. I’ve been working on various writing projects, and in my life, video games have become less and less of a focus. That being said, I did enjoy the blog a great deal, and I decided I was at an ok place in my life to take it up again. Up until a couple days ago, I had simply returned to 1Up and began posting there again, but after learning that the site retains “ownership” of everything I post until I delete it, I decided to take my reviews to a place that offered complete freedom. I have nothing personal against 1Up, but should I finish reviewing all the NES games, my desire is to make a coffee table book chronicling my journey through the NES library; whether there’s a market for it or not, I’d still like to spend the money to make it for myself. If the blogs are still on 1Up at that time, I’m not sure I’d be able to do that. At this point on 1Up, I could just delete the blogs and that would be that. However, if I continue my rate at one per day (or even one every couple of days), this quest will take me two-plus years. Should I continue on 1up, and UGO (the owners of 1Up) change their policies so I couldn’t delete my blogs or if they made publishing my blogs outside of their site illegal, I would be heartbroken.

I’ll admit, I might be going a little overboard, but I did my research, and strangely, Blogger is one of the few places that blatantly states in their Terms of Services that anything I post on this blog will be mine to keep, forever and ever amen. They have zero rights to it; even WordPress couldn’t admit that much.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to a new start here. It takes less time for my computer to load this site, as opposed to 1Up’s necessary, but still tedious ad-cluttered mess. And I feel like any followers I get will be solely my own, instead of having to rely on 1Up’s methods. And if no one reads this, I’m still going to do it because it’s fun (though that would still be a little depressing).

Enjoy the blog and please feel free to leave comments and feedback! Keep in mind, these are just for fun and may not always be the most well-written/exhaustively researched reviews. I will be posting my earliest blogs first, starting from “A”. I will probably post two to three a day, just because they are already written, but once I catch up to the “B”‘s where I currently am, I will go back to approx. one a day. Jibber jabber, cease.

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  • Wouldn’t you know it, I seem to have encountered a problem similar to yours too. I did delete every single one of my blogs on 1up to avoid any complications in the future of SMP as a whole.

  • Hey man! Thanks for stopping by.

    Your issues last night really made me think about copyright issues and all that jazz. I’m glad I made this decision.

  • vikingscool

    Dylan C, I enjoyed your reviews, I love your reviews, so please let’s keep up your work on your reviews, I loved playing video games, so your review are wonderful, it is gooder than nothing! 🙂